Weight Loss Is Complicated

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Many factors play a role in keeping a healthy body composition. At DNA Health we understand the complexities of weight loss and we can help you reach your weight goals effectively and sustainably.

Disturbed day-night rhythm and sleep deprivation disrupts hormonal imbalance , increasing both cortisol leading to fat storage

Nutritional Deficiencies – ranging from Zinc and copper through to trace minerals are all essential for normal metabolic functioning

When the body is under stress, the Adrenal Glands produce cortisol which raises blood sugars, which in turn increases fat storage

Sex hormone imbalances can disrupt the body’s ability to regulate weight through changes in metabolism

Under-exercising reduces muscle mass and metabolic rate. Over-exercising can put too much stress on the body and can actually make you store fat

Leptin is your fat-controller. The hormone which tells the brain how much excess energy you are carrying. Leptin resistance means the brain cannot see how much fat stores you’re carrying and cannot make the appropriate metabolic changes to prevent obesity

Chronic pain syndromes or even long term diseases can also cause weight gain

Microbiome imbalances, digestive insufficiencies, food allergies/intolerances, and bowel inflammation have all been linked to obesity

Certain medications can cause weight gain or make losing weight more difficult. Examples include synthetic steroids and mood disorder medications

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