Calorie counting, and gym sessions are not the only answers and rarely work. If your weight gain is metabolic or hormonal, then restricting calories or over exercising could have the opposite effect.

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Weight loss is more than just counting calories and exercise. At DNA Health, we understand the root cause of your weight gain and help you achieve your goals! Our programs are led by UK specialists in Functional Medicine, using an innovative approach to weight loss with proven results.
Choose the right program for you which we will personalise depending on your goals and medical analysis
Our expert doctors will provide a detailed consultation and based on the medical outcomes they will evaluate the best approach and weight loss program for you centered on your health and dietary goals
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Through one-on-one nutrition coaching, you will focus on nourishing not only your body, but your mind and soul too! A detailed nutrition and dietary assessment with a licensed dietitian will allow you to make gradual lifestyle changes that will positively impact your health; and encourage you throughout your journey
Follow Your Prescribed Personalised Weight Loss Program
With the chosen program for you, you will be able to follow and monitor your progress and have on-going support from our qualified team. You will be able to manage and adjust your personalised weight loss program as you go through your journey together with our holistic and multi-disciplinary approach
Achieve Your Health & Weight Goals

The traditional ‘one size fits all’ weight loss regimes which focus solely on nutrition and physical activity fail to understand the body’s complexity, and the multiple interactions which influence weight management: genetics, metabolism, hormones, mineral or vitamin deficiencies, digestive system disorders or food intolerances.

At DNA Health, you will receive a bespoke program, specific to your weight loss needs that allows you to achieve your health goals in a proven and effective outcome. Our unique offering allows us to provide truly holistic interventions, integrating all aspects of weight loss: medical, nutrition, cooking classes, exercise, relaxation, detoxification, and bio-cosmetics, all in one location.

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